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Jolly Chacko is really Passionate about photos and photography from his study time itself. After completing his regular education, he took a diploma in photography on 1981 from School of photography, kochi. He started his career as a photographer and worked with many national and international leading photographers around the globe. He was always kept an aim of starting his own business in photography services.


He started his own business in 1984, a photography studio in Kochi . Jolly chacko has started photography during the nostalgic era of black and white photography with film cameras. He was experienced through all the transformation periods in the history of photography from black & white to colour and digital technologies. He was very much interested in wildlife photography and has been involved in this for a period of time. Jolly Chacko has made an impression in fashion and modelling photography and organised lot of outdoor and indoor photoshoots in this segment. He got experience in film photography and expressed his talent in advertisement photography segment for quite some time.


Jolly chacko is a versatile photographer who got talent in videography and product photography and filmed 100s of outdoor and indoor events. He started working with videography from 1984 for marriages and other events when the 8mm film was being used. He has worked with legend, Mr Gbriel Babu in the photography industry from 1967, who introduced the freelance concept in photography services. He has got International exposure with projects in europe, gcc, east asia, and sri lanka.


Jolly Chacko branded his photography services as Channel 9 in 1992 for a decade. In 2002, he started Jollys colour lab providing photography services and album making. He has expanded his projects in 2007 with the additions of Jollys color magic, Jollys frames,and jollys fuji color lab with laser printing. After a decade, in 2009, he started a separate division for wedding and outdoor photography with an experienced and expert team of professionals for photography and videography services.

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