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A guide to Choosing Photos for your Wedding Album

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  • 01, Mar ,2020

Important points to note For Choosing The Perfect Photos For Your Album

The big day is gone and your wedding photographer has sent you a CD chock full of photos. While it is breathtaking to see the big day all over again, you’re probably looking through hundreds of pictures. Of course, picking out the best ones for your wedding album can feel like a mammoth task. However, it doesn’t have to feel that way – if you’re willing to take a structured approach. Here are points to note when choosing the best images for your wedding album.

1. Enjoy the selection

Of course, the wedding album will keep memories of your favorite wedding day fresh for the rest of your life. Thereupon, you might want to take adequate time to select the pictures. Make sure to have fun picking the images as this is another paramount stage of your wedding journey. Selecting them over a glass of wine with your spouse can be worthwhile.

2. Tell the Story

Ensuring the story of the big day flows through the album is paramount. Therefore, you might want to arrange the images chronologically to cover the key moments from the day. A great album will set the scene so that viewers can have a perfect sense of the place. In case there was a movement to a new location, you might want to include a photo that illustrates movement to the new venue.

3. Break the big day into sections

How about working to get a nice balance of pictures from across the different parts of the big day? you’re sure to achieve a great flow on your album! Rather than picking loads from the reception and a few from the first part of the day, you might want to ensure a consistent spread. Take up elegant shots from various sections and select the best photos from them. Pro Tip: Keep your selection standard, don’t choose too many since the more you select, the smaller the images will have to become in your album.