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How to Prepare a Perfect Timeline for your Wedding

  • Admin
  • 06, Jan ,2020

When it comes to your big day, timing is everything! While everyone wishes for the perfect wedding day, the reality is that sometimes things go wrong. Don’t set your expectations too high. That is why preparing a wedding day timeline is worthwhile! Keep in mind – even running a few minutes late can throw the whole day off-track. Thereupon, you’ll want to ensure things run smoothly by creating a wedding timeline as expounded below.

1. Determine what needs to be done before the big day

Stay organized by brainstorming everything that needs your attention before the wedding. Don’t forget to check out your attire, rings, decorations, venue, and your photographer. Writing them down can help make sure nothing is left out.

2. Establish what needs to happen after the ceremony

Of course, you’ll want to take photos after the ceremony. Making proper arrangements is imperative. Also, if you intend to set up the reception at a different venue, you will have to arrange the travel to the reception location. Ensure you give all these details some thought and write them down.

3. Determine what will be done at the reception

Here, you need to assess all the details that need to be tended before the reception. Make sure to organize how the caterers alongside any hired help will be paid. In case you’re still taking photos, you’ll want to have a master of ceremony at the reception. Don’t forget to have someone check on the details such as the cake, favors, and guest book.

4. Ensure you delegate duties

It is important to recruit some help. Of course, it is difficult to keep track of everything with an overwhelmed mind. Thereupon, you might want to have someone take care of the rental items, another one to help the photographer, handle the guest book, cut the cake, or even work on handouts.